We provide a wide selection of high-quality hardware to meet your needs for

Aluminum and Wood Doors and Windows

Residential & Commercial

Aluminium Door Hinges

We have aluminum door hinges for both residential and commercial use. These hinges are compatible with the top joinery producers in New Zealand.

Residential & Commercial

Timber Door Hinges

If your door jams against the frame when opening or closing, you will  need to replace the hinge. This needs to be done before the door frame’s coating sustains significant damage. For both residential and commercial use, we have a large selection of timber door hinges.

Residential & Commercial

Aluminium Sub Fix
Window Handles

Wanting a replacement handle for a awning or casement windows such is suitable for use on either aluminium or uPVC applications. We have a wide selection of Sub fix window handles in stock.

Residential & Commercial

Aluminium Face Fix
Window Handles

We have a large range of replacement face fix window handles in stock if you need one. For awning or casement windows, the facing fixed window handle is used. suitable for use on installations involving either aluminium or uPVC.

Norwest Aluminium Window and Door Solutions


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As Manufacturers of high-quality aluminium joinery, we can provide you with a selection of hardware solutions to help you with your DIY projects. In the aluminium trade  we have more than 50 years of experience.

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